Thursday Thoughts

December 9, 2021

Save the Date: MLK Jr. Memorial Event

Dear Friends and family,


a Haiku:

Family is love

Like dreams in a happy sleep

Scituate love always


Please mark your calendars for Scituate’s Inaugural Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The theme of the event is “Love How You Love Who You Love.” The event will take place at 1:00PM on the national holiday, Monday January 17, 2022 at the Performing Arts Center.


The memorial will engage the humanitarian legacy of Dr. King. We look forward to the presence of our families, district and community! This event will feature contributions from students, staff, families and community members. Please arrive early, as seating is limited.


There will be more detailed information shared as we get closer to the date. Thanks to everyone for allowing this memorial to manifest itself.

December 2, 2021

Scituate Public Library Conversation Series Coming Soon

The Scituate Public Library invites everyone to explore the array of books that delve into diversity, equity and inclusion. Through a partnership with the Library, we plan to bring a new conversation series to our community. Topics of discussion will be connected to love, inclusion and trust. If you have a topic you'd like to have discussed during this monthly series, please email We are happy to share that we will also bring forth an open mic series for all to participate in as well! Both of these initiatives will commence in the Spring.



Recently, our district and our friends at the Inly school exchanged visits and will now explore ways to partner on varying initiatives! We are excited about all the possibilities, including workshops and program sharing!



Save the Date: Next week, please anticipate information about the Scituate Freedom Team.



In January, Scituate will have its own Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to signify his humanitarian legacy and timeless call for love, community, and justice. The theme of the memorial is "Love How You Love Who You Love." Please mark your calendars! The event will take place at 1PM on January 17, 2022 at the Center for the Performing Arts. This inaugural event would not be possible without many partnerships in our community who will speak, sponsor, play instruments, and offer themselves into and under our graces for this first and annual event! We look forward to seeing you all there!

November 18, 2021

Thank You to Our SPS Family; Always WE

Dear friends and family, please allow me to share gratitude to the families and caregivers that have allowed our parental advisory group (LITPAG) come to life! Thank you to the community members that have made our Scituate Freedom Team manifest. Thank you to the educatorsstaff (who educate as well and contribute to the SPS scholastic journey), studentsfamily and friends for warmly receiving all the above and more with love and light. It is ALWAYS WE.

You all are celebrated as members of our SPS family.

With rich indigenous roots in Scituate, please choose the source of your liking and indulge in the history of what has become known as “Thanksgiving.”

Family comes in varying forms. From our family to yours, we appreciate you and say thank you.

November 4, 2021

November is Indigenous People's Heritage Month

Scituate Friends and Family,


We hope you and your loved ones are navigating the aftermath of the storm from last week and find yourselves safe.


This month is nationally recognized as a time to honor the heritage of Indigenous people. Here’s some information and history:



Indigenous People's Heritage Month

For years, Indigenous communities all over the west advocated that the United States permanently designate a place on the calendar to honor the contributions, achievements, sacrifices, cultural and historical legacy of the original inhabitants of what is now the United States and their descendants: the American Indian and Alaska Native people.

The journey for a national honoring of Native Americans began in the early 20th Century, pioneered by a number of important historical figures. Dr. Arthur Caswell Parker, Reverend Red Fox (James Red Fox Skiukusha), Reverend Sherman Coolidge and a number of indigenous communities and allies across the nation, repeatedly petitioned for a national spotlight or commemoration that honored the storied legacy of indigenous communities within the United States. The first time “American Indian Day” was formally designated in the United States is commonly considered to be 1916, when Charles Seymour Whitman, then Governor of New York, commemorated the second Saturday in May for the state’s observance – a number of states followed suite in commemorating the day.


As early as 1970, Congress and subsequent presidents enacted legislation, and issued annual proclamations commemorating a day, a week or a month to celebrate and observe the nation’s American Indian and Alaska Native heritage. “In 1990 then President George H. W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November 1990 ‘National American Indian Heritage Month.’ Similar proclamations, under variants on the name (including “Native American Heritage Month” and “National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month”) have been issued each year since 1994.” In 2009, Congress passed, and the President signed, legislation that established the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving Day of each year as “Native American Heritage Day.” While these numerous proclamations and commemorations did not necessarily set a national tone for the observance, they did allow for federal departments, agencies, and state communities to create and facilitate their own ways of celebrating and honoring the nation’s Native American heritage. “Every President since 1995 has issued annual proclamations designating the month of November as the time to celebrate the culture, accomplishments, and contributions of people who were the first inhabitants of the United States.” Last year, a proclamation was issued officially designating November 2020 as National Native American Heritage Month. Currently, within a number of indigenous and non-indigenous communities, November is more accurately recognized as Indigenous Peoples Heritage month.



Native American Heritage Month
United States Department of Agriculture
Sokaogon Chippewa Community News
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Since the last Thursday Thoughts, Barbados has elected its first President. Please join me in recognizing the election of Dame Sandra Mason, This historic moment is timely and signals a way that change happens and how one person can make a difference. President Mason will take office on November 30, 2021. You are encouraged to choose a new source of your liking and read about her, her history and the significant impact this has on Barbados.



If you haven't listened yet, please find our LIT Podcast! This podcast is where students, staff, families, caregivers and community members can engage in discussions on varying topics connected to love, inclusion and trust. The first segment is live and serves as the introduction to the podcast. If you have suggestions for topics, please email Thank you and please listen!


Please call the LIT LINE every week to hear the latest message. The message should be updated every Monday. Once again, please email if you or a group would like to submit a quote, information, or story for the LIT Line. LIT Line - 7815458759 ext. 23302.



ALWAYS WE, never me.

Love how you love who you love.


DEI Director for the District of Scituate Public Schools


Central Administrative Office Family

October 21, 2021

Please view the video linked here.

October 14, 2021

All Things LIT as We Settle into the School Year

As we settle into the academic year, please accept gratitude for your great reception of the SPS LIT Line and other new initiatives we've embarked on together. Your emailed support of the line and offerings to contribute are warmly absorbed. Please continue to email if you or yourself and others would like to contribute to a message for the SPS LIT Line!



Furthermore the support shown for establishing our parental advisory group is appreciated and exciting. Thanks to all those expressing interest and joining. Stay tuned for further communication on LITPAG!



This week, we begin the journey of our respective LIT Teams, as each school in our district will have one.



The LIT Team is an exciting collective of staff and students that meet at least monthly to serve as a braintrust for all things connected to love, inclusion and trust. LIT Teams have two staff members and at least two students from each grade (within our Elementary Schools this starts at grade 3). This group will generate ideas founded in LIT, as well as receive and share ideas from others in the school. Finally, all 6 LIT Teams should meet once in the fall and spring.



The enthusiasm for our LIT Teams is grand and we ask you to stay tuned for all to manifest from them.



This Is Our House!

G. O. E. SPS!!!!!

October 7, 202

LIT Parental Advisory Group Looking for Representation

"ALWAYS WE, never me," is not only a mantra and phrasing on our SPS Affirmation cards, it also serves as a point of introduction for our LITPAG. This group looks to have parental representation from the community and from all levels of our academy. Through LITPAG, we center connection and collaboration with parents in our district and community in symmetry to our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. LITPAG will meet monthly unless otherwise noted. If you have membership interest for LITPAG, please fill out this form.


Friends and family, thanks again.

We also take time to remember the tragedies happening throughout the world that connect to many of us in varying ways. "Love how you love who you love."-jma

September 30, 2021

LIT Line and Affirmation Cards


Scituate Family and Friends! Thank you for allowing TIOH to come to life. The students, staff, and families have been so warm in showing positive energy, support, and emails for more of the same! It was an honor to witness our district move in unison regarding L.I.T., the SPS Pledge, Our House, and SPS being a "Home Away From Home!"



It's exciting to share that the response and requests to contribute to the LIT Line have been wonderful. Please call every week to hear the latest message. The message should be updated every Monday. Once again, please email if you or a group would like to submit a quote, information, or story for the LIT Line. LIT Line - 7815458759 ext. 23302.



Many students have been in receipt of a Scituate blue and white affirmation card! These cards are shared within our community and can be received or given by anyone. There are 11 cards with content that includes "You're Amazing", "Thank you for being you", "Always We, Never me" and "All-In. Together" just to name a few. On the reverse side of the card, is the L.I.T. logo and space to write a message should one choose to do so. There has been great reception and excitement about these cards and we look forward to keeping this great energy sustained. Soon, all staff will have them and be able to share at will. In turn, students will have them as well and share just the same.



All of this is so exciting! GOE (Greatest On Earth) SPS!!!!

September 23, 2021

This Is Our House (TIOH) and LIT LINE Connecting Scituate Families

Scituate friends and family, once again, thank you to all the incredible support, participation, feedback and positive energy for This Is Our House (TIOH)! The connection between the students, our staff, the SPS Pledge and our families is love, inclusion and trust. TIOH puts our values as a community on full display. The student artists and speakers are amazing! Hopefully you are able to see some of the art that was done in the respective schools, as well as see photos from the assemblies! Please enjoy some of the content from TIOH. More content will continue to be added. GOE SPS!!!!!

On the heels of TIOH, we encourage further connection by inviting you to call the LIT LINE! The LIT LINE is a number that can be dialed to hear messages and information pertaining to love, inclusion and trust. Students, staff and families are encouraged to consider creating a message to be played on this line. You can say it as an individual or as a group or club! If you have an interest in doing so, please email The current message is in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Although Hispanic heritage is more than a month, we share recognition of the contributions to life as we know it from the diaspora.

Please call the LIT LINE at (781) 545-8759, ext 23302.

September 16, 2021

"This Is Our House" District-Wide Event Drops at SPS Schools

"This Is Our House" District-Wide Event Drops at SPS Schools

SCITUATE!!!! Thank you and your children for making This Is Our House a fantastic embrace from each school in the district to our students. Cushing Elementary School, Jenkins Elementary School, Gates Middle School and Scituate High School, thank you for being love, inclusion and trust (L.I.T.). By practicing L.I.T. in our schools we build personalized relationships between students, staff and the community. Thank you to all the students that spoke during the experience to explain why SPS is "OUR HOUSE" and a "HOME AWAY FROM HOME!"


Thank you to all the faculty and families that make it possible for our community to move in unison and be in sync as we journey together grounded in L.I.T. Please absorb and appreciate some of the immortalized moments from the occasions! WAMPATUCK, Hatherly and the 7th and 8th grades of Gates Middle School, see you next week!!!!!

September 9, 2021

Last Tuesday, August 31, I had the pleasure and honor of joining Athletic Director Scott Paine and the Athletic Dept in welcoming Scholar-Athletes and their families.


Thank you to every parent for talking to us before and after the coaches' meetings. Thank you all for your energy, participation and love for SPS Athletics and Scholar-Athletes.


At the welcome we shared in the lively recitation of the "Champions Creed" as follows:




We will not lose

Our enemy is not challenge

Lack of confidence is

So we build self-esteem

Look evil in the face

Embrace our competition

Work while they sleep

Commit instead of contemplate

Love in the face of adversity

Never turn my back

Move forward

Dream success

We’re of the people

Legacy like music

Timeless like no time

Mistake we for mistake free

Whenever we fall

We rise above it all



WE are



Thanks again and perhaps you'll attend this weekend's athletic events.


All of the above connects back to our LIT foundation which is an acronym to Love, Inclusion and Trust. ALWAYS WE, never me!

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