Technology FAQs for Students and Families

1. What are student’s Google and LaunchPad credentials?

Student credentials follow a set convention, based on the student’s grade level. Please refer to the table below. Replace LunchPIN with the number assigned to your student. Firstnamelastname is the name of your student in aspen with spaces, dashes, apostrophes, etc. removed. Example: Miles O’Brien’s username for LaunchPad would be milesobrien. If you do not know your student’s lunch PIN, you can get that information from Aspen or by asking for it from the office at your student’s school.

Occasionally we do have students whose name is too long or a duplicate of an existing student username. In those cases a non-conventional username will be assigned. In the case of a duplicate, the username is appended with the student’s YOG. (Miles O’Brien’s YOG is 2030, so his username would be milesobrien2030) A name that is too long (over 20 characters are not allowed) will be shortened by dropping part of the name. (Alexander Hufferman-Pinkerton would be shortened to alexanderhufferman)

Grade username for Google/Chromebook  username for LaunchPad  Password 
 PK-2  [email protected]  lunchPIN  lunchPIN
 3  [email protected]  firstnamelastname  lunchPIN
 4 and new students grades 4-12  [email protected]  firstnamelastname  Initially LunchPIN, but student will be required to change to a personal password
 returning students in 5-12  [email protected]  firstnamelastname  password set previously

2. Where should students be saving documents?

In most cases, students will be either saving directly to their Google Drive, or to Google Classroom, which will also save a copy of their work to their Drive. Some classes will still use the SPS network for student work, particularly at the secondary level. These network drives can be accessed via school PCs, or more commonly, the Windows Apps server on LaunchPad. Teachers who use these shares will provide specific instructions on where to save files and naming conventions.

There are two server locations available to students for saving documents:

  • H: drive (my documents): this is your home folder.  Save all important documents here.  This is protected space reserved for you alone.  Only you and administration have access to this space.
  • W: drive (student’s share) Save a copy of assignments here so your teacher can access it for review.  Make sure to save a copy on your H: drive as well, in case the copy on the student’s share is deleted.  Remember that all students have access to the student’s share, so accidents can and do happen.

These drives are accessed on a school PC by clicking Start>File Explorer. They can also be accessed via Launchpad (see below for more information on Launchpad).

3. What grades have access to Gmail?

Grades 6-12 have access to Gmail.

4. What are students’ options for printing?

Students can print to the virtual printer, and log into any copier using their lunch PIN. Access to the virtual printer depends on the device:

  • School Chromebooks: the PaperCut Mobility Print App is automatically installed for all users on school-owned Chromebooks. When students print, they will select the virtual printer with the mobility print icon next to it from the available list of printers. When prompted, log in with Google, using the school account.
  • BYOD Chromebooks: install the Mobility print app from the Chrome Web store, and follow the same process as for school Chromebooks. Click this link to get the app.
  • BYOD PCs: students can install the Virtual printer directly:
    • Click start, type \\storage, and press enter.
    • Type in your school credentials: username is typed as sps\username, using the LaunchPad username (username is jsmith, type sps\jsmith) Password is the same one used for LaunchPad and Google.
    • Find virtual printer in the list, right-click it, and click Connect. Click Yes on any subsequent prompts.
    • Use this printer for all print jobs
  • BYOD Macs: Install Chrome Browser, then install the same Mobility print app used for Chromebooks. Follow the same login procedure to allow access. Allows printing from Chrome only.
  • Windows Apps: virtual printer is automatically installed; students can print to it from any available app.

5. How do students log into Aspen?

New students and their parents are issued an Aspen account for checking assignments, grades, etc. You will be told by Guidance what your Aspen username and password is. URL: For Aspen-related questions or problems, please email [email protected].

6. What is the SPS acceptable use policy for technology?

Please review the school’s acceptable use policy before using any school computers.  Click this link to review the contents of the SPS AUP.

7. What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is a virtual desktop providing access to commonly used apps. It can be used from any device with internet access. Click here to go to the SPS LaunchPad login page.

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