The Scituate Public Schools science program provides students with a rigorous and varied curriculum that allows students an opportunity to experience science aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Science, Technology, and Engineering. As noted by the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education, “Our world has never been so complex, and scientific and technological reasoning have never been so necessary to make sense of it all. It is self-evident that science, technology, and engineering (STE) are central to the lives of all Massachusetts citizens when they analyze current events, make informed decisions about healthcare, or decide to support public development of community infrastructure. By the end of grade 12, all students must have an appreciation for the wonder of science, possess sufficient knowledge of science and engineering to engage in public discussions on related issues, and be careful consumers of scientific and technological information and products in their everyday lives. Students’ STE experience should encourage and facilitate engagement in STE to prepare them for the reality that most careers require some scientific or technical preparation, and to increase their interest in and consideration of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). All students, regardless of their future education plan and career path, must have an engaging, relevant, rigorous, and coherent pre-K–12 STE education to be prepared for citizenship, continuing education, and careers.”

In January, 2016 the Board of Education voted to adopt new science standards that will be implemented across the state over the next few years. Scituate Public Schools will begin transitioning to these new science standards beginning with the 2016-17school year. Key features of these standards are:

  1. The standards focus on conceptual understanding and application of concepts.
  2. Integration of disciplinary core ideas and practices reflects the interconnected nature of science and engineering.
  3. The standards emphasize preparation for postsecondary success for citizenship, college, and careers.
  4. STE core ideas and practices progress coherently from pre-K to high school.
  5. Each discipline is included in grade-level standards for pre-K to grade 8.
  6. The STE standards are coordinated with the Commonwealth’s ELA and mathematics standards.


Does your child have an interest in science that goes beyond the classroom? Please check the Science Spectacular Website at for current and upcoming events.