1. What are the school hours?
School is in session from 8:10am - 2:41pm.  Students are expected to enter the building no later than 8:00am to ensure timely arrival for homeroom.  The high school office is open from 7:30am – 3:30pm.

2. What is the best way to contact my son/daughter’s teacher?
For the quickest response, email the teacher.  A list of SHS Teachers/Staff Directory can be found on this website under the staff link.  

3. Is there a dress code at Scituate High School?
Yes, there is a dress code, including language regarding hats, hoods, and other headgear.  It can be found in the Student Accountability section of the Student Handbook.

4. Can students drive their cars to school?
Yes, some students are allowed to drive their cars to school, provided that they meet the requirements.  The related policy can be found in the School Facilities section of the Student Handbook.

5. What extra-curricular activities are offered besides sports?
Scituate High School prides itself in its award-winning extra-curricular offerings. Some examples are: Student Council, Art Club, The Scituation (newspaper), ADL, Debate Team, Math Club, International Club, Yearbook, to list a few.

6. What’s the current bell schedule?
The current schedule features a seven day cycle in which two periods are dropped each day.  Students attend five classes each day, one of which is a long block of 88 minutes.

7.  How can I contact the office to ask a question?
Generally speaking, there are two different extensions in the main office where you can get most of your basic questions answered.

Kathleen Ward, ext. 365
Nicki Sutton, ext. 369 

8.  What is the tardy policy?

The Tardy Policy can be found in the Student Responsibilities section of the Student Handbook.

9.  When is an absence “excused”?
The Attendance Policy is outlined on in the Student Responsibilities section of the Student Handbook.

10.  How/Where do I voice my concerns?
Take your concerns as close to the source as possible.  Worried about a particular class or assignment?  Email the teacher directly.  Questions about your student’s schedule or academic planning in general?  Call your student's counselor.  When in doubt, dial extension 365 and have your call directed to the appropriate person/department.