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Incredible Milestone:

The CORSE Foundation celebrates the incredible milestone of investing $1 million dollars in integrated programming and resources for our community's children. This $1 million milestone has been accomplished in just 11 short years thanks to all those who supported CORSE over the years. CORSE has run 507 programs with 6,940 registrations and 1,001 volunteer mentors investing over $1,005,000 back into our community through programming and resources.We are extremely grateful to everyone who has made this fantastic accomplishment possible.  Please click here to see highlights of what we’ve achieved together over the past 11 years.

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The CORSE Foundation (Community of Resources for Special Education) was established by a group of dedicated parents and educators to raise funds to provide high quality and affordable programming, training and resources that will benefit children with special needs (ages 3-22), their families and educators throughout South Shore Massachusetts. CORSE has designed an innovative model within a blended framework of integrated and specialized social, educational and recreational programs so children with special needs can reach their full potential. Our variety of programs are staffed appropriately through customized staffing ratios and special education expertise so ALL children, those with and without special needs, can successfully participate together within their community. Each year we run approximately 50 programs with 850 student registrations. We partner with Scituate Public Schools, Scituate Recreation and other community organizations to provide programming. The foundation is run by ALL volunteers, which is made up of parents of children with special needs, parents who have all typically developing children, educators and community members. It has brought our community much closer together, understanding and respecting each others' differences and capabilities.

Enhanced programming and resources funded by CORSE includes:

  • Social development programs (Pre-K through High School)
  • Academic support programs (Grades 3-High School)
  • Sports programs (running, karate, swimming, tennis, skateboarding, etc.)
  • Socially-based summer camps
  • Specialty camps: Therapeutic Riding, Maritime Adventures, iCan Bike
  • Customized peer mentor and Best Buddies models
  • Let’s Go Community Family Events
  • SibShops
  • Supplemental student services (music therapy, band consultant, yoga, scholarships, etc.)
  • Volunteer Training Programs
  • Professional development programs for educators and staff
  • Educational programs and resource materials for parents
  • Organizational equipment and technology supports


  • 2016 South Shore Conservatory Community Partnership Award
  • 2016 Scituate Recreation Community Spirit Award
  • 2016 FOX25 Hometown Team Award
  • 2015 Myra Kraft Community MVP Award second prize winner from the New England Patriots Foundation
  • 2014 primary speaker at the first Flutie Foundation Partner Summit
  • 2011 Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association Program Outreach Award
  • 2009 “Citizen of the Year” in Scituate
  • 2008 Massachusetts Community Partnership Award from the Federation for Children with Special Needs

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To receive information on CORSE programs and events, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.