FAFSA Presentation - January 2014


If you have FAFSA questions or could benefit from a detailed presentation, the link below will direct you to FAFSA's most recent webinar for families called “Understanding the FAFSA”. 

This webinar presented by Meredith Barnhart at MEFA, covers the FAFSA in detail and also has a question and answer section with recorded questions from a live audience.  

MEFA Family Webinar Series “Understanding the FAFSA”


And as always, families with questions can contact the MEFA experts at 1.800.449.6332.



Financial Aid Presentation

If you missed the MEFA College Financing Seminar you can view the information using the link below:

MEFA College Financing Presentation Handout

MEFA assists thousands of families in making college a reality.  As you prepare for success after high school, MEFA is the authority you can trust for clear, straightforward guidance on planning, saving and paying for college.  Visit mefa.org/seniors for more information.



A great place to start! We have the links to the forms everybody is talking about.


Winning the Financial Aid Game - 9 Easy Plays

FREE APPLICATION for FEDERAL STUDENT AID online. The FAFSA is where it all begins!

CSS PROFILE - The financial aid application service for the College Board is known as the CSS Profile. Many of the over 3,000 member colleges, universities, graduate schools, and scholarship programs use the information collected on CSS PROFILE to help them award nonfederal student aid funds. Completing the CSS PROFILE requires you to have a secure web browser and a valid credit card.

FinancialAidToolkit.ed.gov - Federal Student Aid (FSA) recently launched the Financial Aid Toolkit.  The toolkit consolidates FSA resources into a searchable online database intended for use by organizations and individuals who interact with, support, or counsel students and families on making financial preparations for postsecondary education.

MEFA was created by the state legislature to help families finance education and to “offer convenient and effective savings programs in order to provide for such costs.” MEFA is a self financing, not-for-profit state authority dedicated to keeping college education affordable to families

FINAID A comprehensive and informational site that offers students insights on how to finance their education.

CollegeToolkit.com has great resources for scholarships and college search engines. There is also a career assessment test and an interactive calculator tool for a wide array of financial questions.

SCHOLARSHIPS.COM By updating information on a regular basis, you may qualify for new scholarships and awards.

Scholarship Help? Some of the simplest and easiest to understand financial aid and scholarship information can be found at this site.

The COLLEGE BOARD is still one of the best sites on the web to find scholarship, grant, and award information.

www.collegesportsscholarships.com for information about scholarships for your student athlete.