Lunch fund balances carry forward for School Year 2017-2018

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On November 12, 2013, Scituate Public Schools Food Service will begin utilizing a new Point-of-Sale system for students to pay for school lunch. All students will be issued a PIN Number for transactions.  We encourage all Scituate families to participate in this new Point-of-Sale system by opening up an account with This system will allow you to deposit money into your child’s account, review account history, set up low balance alerts, or establish automatic payments. No more digging for change in the morning, no more lost lunch money, no more having to make lunch in the morning; or no worries if lunch is forgotten at home.


Q: Do I have to use this new payment system? No, families can continue to pay by cash or check, same as it has always been. Our goal is to offer parents a more convenient and efficient online payment feature and help streamline our cash handling in our school cafeterias.

Q: What can be purchased with my student’s account?   Students can purchase anything in the school cafeteria with their account balance. That includes main meals, milk, a la carte items, and healthy snacks.  

Q: How can I add money to my students’ lunch accounts?  We encourage parents to establish an account at Using you can use a credit card, debit card, or electronic check to fund up to $200.00 of value at one time.  Please note that there is a processing fee of $2.49 per transaction added to the payment, this fee does not go to our school district. The transaction/convenience fee is the only source of revenue gets for use of the system.

Q: I have more than one student.  Do I have to set up a different account for each of them?  
No.  You only need to set up one account.  You can add as many students as you like. All you need is their student ID.  You can split any payments between accounts with no additional charge. The $2.49 fee is only charged when adding value to an account.

Q: Can I still pay by cash or check?  Yes. We will continue to take checks (preferred) or cash as we have always done. Lines move faster when less cash is handled.  Our goal at the school system is to speed those lunch lines so students can spend more time eating and socializing with their friends and less time in line.  You can help by assuring your students have balances on their accounts.

Q:  What else can I do with has a rich set of features.  Log on and view the transaction history to assure your kids are eating right. The system provides low balance alert emails to let you know it is time to recharge.  You can even set up automatic recharges if you prefer.  

Q:  I’m really tired of making lunch in the morning; can help with that too?  Absolutely, school lunches are both nutritious and bountiful.  Give school lunch a chance to simplify your mornings.  Deposit some money and tell your kids to buy lunch and watch what they eat.  We’re constantly trying to develop new menu items that appeal to kids and are healthy for them.

Q: I often hear that kids throw away a lot of food.  Is that true?  Yes. It’s painful to see how much is wasted from those packed lunches.  Kids love junk food and often are too full of that to eat the real healthy portion of the packed lunch.  Hungry kids will learn to eat a variety of healthy foods. School lunch serves only healthy foods and offers those foods every day!

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns


Sarah Coughlin
Director of Food Service
Scituate Public Schools
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