Approaching Our 50th Anniversary in Scituate


Welcome to the Scituate METCO Program Home Page.

 The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) was established in 1966 as a state funded voluntary desegregation program to reduce racial and ethnic imbalance.  The town of Scituate has participated in the program since 1968.  The program provides opportunities for all students in the district to learn respect for human differences and promote the principles of tolerance.  The district's participation in the program provides reciprocal benefits to both Boston and Scituate residents allowing students to experience racial, cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity in a high performing public school setting.

The Scituate METCO Program is committed to providing robust social and educational experiences for all  students.   The program encourages students to strive and maintain both self-respect and high academic expectations.  During their journey we also hope each student will discover their intellectual identities while developing the social capital and opportunities necessary to expand their horizons.

Prior to beginning the METCO placement process, parents enter into a mutual agreement committing to be active participants in  various aspects of the program and individual  school communities.  In Scituate, we value each open classroom seat provided +September 27by the district due to the many historical efforts and sweat equity that made this program possible over 45 years ago!  

Scituate METCO Program Core Values

  1. Respect the humanity of everyone.
  2. Think critically and learn to use our minds well in an effort to discover our multiple talents.

Contact The Director:

Heidi M. Harris Lemmel
Scituate Public School District
606 C.J. Cushing Hwy. Rm 207
Scituate , MA 02066
(781) 545-8755 office
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Gates Intermediate School Office
327 First Parish Road
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