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August 26, 2016


Dear Jenkins Families:

I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy some dedicated time with your families.

Jenkins School itself has had a full, busy summer. As you all know, Scituate Recreation Department’s base of operations is now at Jenkins. In addition, Jenkins hosted the Scituate Public Schools’ extended year program. Everyday children’s faces graced our school, as they waited for their day’s activities to begin.

Jenkins continues to experience many changes, as our enrollment continues to shrink. It is difficult for many of you to imagine, but our enrollment is at 464 students as I write this letter. During my first two years as principal at Jenkins – I am entering my sixth year as principal – our enrollment was between 650 and 660. Imagine! This reduction in enrollment has resulted in some teachers transferring to other district schools: Mrs. Sara DeMatteo will now teach English Language Arts at Gates Middle School and Mrs. Susan Ames is joining the staff at Scituate High School to teach Social Studies. However, we are happy to welcome a new staff member, Ms. Alison Brochu, Sixth Grade Teacher. In addition, Ms. Meghan Rhodes, Special Education Teacher, is rejoining our Jenkins staff. I am delighted that they will be members of our teaching team. 

This year, our Third, Fifth, and Sixth Grade teaching teams have changed, as noted below:

  • Third grade teachers: Ms. Mary Hallin; Ms. Alisa Johnson, and Ms. Lisa Masterson
  • Fifth grade: Ms. Elizabeth Dorgan; Mr. Richard English; and Ms. Marie Fiddler
  • Sixth grade: Ms. Alison Brochu; Mr. James O’Sullivan; Mr. Matthew Poirier; and Ms. Kathleen Richards

Jenkins is fortunate to house a new therapeutic sub-separate district program.  The students in this small program will come from any of the Scituate elementary schools. The program will be staffed with a special education lead teacher, a school adjustment counselor, and three paraprofessionals. The goal of the program is to ensure that students can transition into a typical school day and classroom.

Our theme at Jenkins for the coming year is: Growth Mindset and Community. All children (and adults) have the ability to achieve greatly. We will continue to have high expectations for all students and continue to make sure that they get the support they need. We want them to have a context for learning – that what they’re doing is important and we will make sure they have the tools and skills to learn and achieve. We will not give up on them.

I am looking forward to another wonderful, exciting year at Jenkins and continue to team with parents and teachers to ensure the best possible school experience for your children. Please enjoy the last vestiges of the summer break. And remember - one school one book. If you have not read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, there is still time before September 6th!


Ms. Arnold

                                                                  ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

When dropping off and picking up your children, please remember to be respectful to our Vinal Avenue neighbors. At times, drivers forget and block the driveways on the street. So, please be mindful of the yards and driveways. This seems to be a particular problem for the last house just before the school driveway. Please help us to be good neighbors!

Scituate Recreation – Little People Schedule

Monday, Tuesday  Wednesday: 9A-12P

Thursday: 9A – 10:30A

Friday: 11A – 12P

Please remember parking spaces are restricted when Little People programs are in session.