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The mission of the Scituate Public Schools is to provide the opportunity for a comprehensive education for all students which focuses on cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.  The education program fosters students' reading, writing, calculating, problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and creative expression.  The school environment nurtures self-confidence, independence, cooperation and the physical well-being of all students.  The schools encourage students to develop a sense of values and responsibilities which enables them to be contributing members of their communities and of the multicultural, global society.  In partnership with the family, the schools guide students toward becoming lifelong learners with a positive outlook on the world.

The Scituate Public Schools have a commitment to maintaining an educational environment and workplace where bigotry and intolerance, including discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, homeless status or disability are not tolerated and where any form of intimidation, threat, coercion and/or harassment that insults the dignity of others and interferes with their freedom to learn or work is unacceptable.

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Please contact Bonnie Donohue, Human Resource Director at (781) 545-8759 ext. 23303 with HR related questions



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