Assistant Director of Facilities:  Bob Dillon (781) 545-8750 ext. 315


ASBESTOS (AHERA) Information

Annual Asbestos Notification Letter

Cushing School - 3 Yr AHERA Reinspection

Gates School 3 Yr AHERA Reinspection

     Gates School December 31 2012 DLS Notice

     Gates School June 14 2013 Response

Hatherly School 3 Yr AHERA Reinspection

Wampatuck School 3 Yr AHERA Reinspection

High School 3 Yr AHERA Reinspection




Mosquito Spraying - August 26, 2014

 As a precautionary measure to reduce the potential threat of EEE and West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes, the Scituate Public Schools requested and was granted permission to have Plymouth County Mosquito Control spray all fields and grounds on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at all schools.  The law requires that each time a school requests to be sprayed, Standard Written Notification has been given to students, parents and employees at least two working days prior to the application and no more than seven working days prior to the pesticide applications.  Additionally, records of pesticide  application must be kept on file for five years.  All required notifications can be found on the Scituate Public School Website.  The schools will be sprayed by truck during the pre-dawn hours in order to be most effective in reducing the mosquito population.  Please visit Plymouth County Mosquito Control website for further information or contact Bob Dillon, Assistant Facilities Director (781) 545 8750 ext. 315. 


Pesticide Standard Written Notification for each school


The Act Protecting Children and Families from Harmful Pesticides of 2000

National Pesticide Fact Sheet 

Plymouth County Mosquito Control

Pesticide FAQ Sheet