Scituate High School Parent Support Groups
Scituate High School Opportunities and Resources for Education - (SHORE)

Established in 1990 by concerned parents when widespread budget cuts threatened the quality of education. SHORE (Scituate High Opportunities and Resources for Education) provides financial support for the three “A’s” (academics, arts, athletics), at Scituate High School.

Since its inception, SHORE has granted over $1,000,000 to provide Scituate students with the best opportunities available to become accomplished young adults.


We invite you to get involved.

SHORE membership continues to increase yearly. Let’s keep the trend going by supporting Scituate High School!

SHORE meets once a month throughout the school year in the high school library. The meetings are at 7pm with grant meetings (October and March) starting at 6:30pm. All meetings are open to the public.

 Find us on Facebook at SHORE-Scituate HS! or visit our new website,

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Scituate High School Council

The Scituate High School Council was developed in compliance with the Educational Reform Act of 1993. The Council consists of SHS parents, faculty, students, and community members that advise the principal. The Council meets at least monthly during the school year, and meetings generally run from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Issues related to the School improvement plan are addressed along with any other issues of interest. These meetings are open to the public and the schedule of dates is posted at the high school and listed below.
2018-2019 Meeting Dates 


High School Council Mission
The Scituate High School Council, acting as the eyes and ears of the high school community, is comprised of parents, staff, students and administrators of the school. Their collaborative efforts focus on reviews of the annual school budget, student handbook, as well as specific programs within the school. In its commitment to have substantive impact on the school community, the council creates goals that are submitted annually to the Scituate School Committee. 

School Improvement Plan - 2011/2102-PDF

School Improvement Plan - 2012 /2013 .pdf

School Improvement Plan 2013-2014

School Improvement Plan 2014-2015

School Improvement Plan 2015-2016



Faculty:                                             Parents:                            Students

Rob Wargo, Prinicpal                                          Charlie Powers                              Dylan Herschfield                              

Virginia Lima, World. Languages                         Susan Smith                                 

Andrew Roberts, History                                      Jack Gates                                     Houlayematou Savane 

Samantha Lesniak                                               John Martin                                    Hannah Sullivan

 Marlene Hoffman, Counseling



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Scituate Friends of Music

Scituate Friends of Music (SFM) is made up of parents, teachers and community members who wish to support quality music programming in the Scituate Public Schools. We chaperone field trips, volunteer for musical events and exchange-concerts, as well as handle publicity and fundraising to benefit all music students.
Our past fundraising efforts have allowed us to purchase musical instruments, sheet music, classroom equipment and material for the Kindergarten through Grade 12 music programs. Some of our purchases in the recent past include: sleigh bells; a triangle and cowbell for the High School band; a BOSE Wave Radio for the Hatherly and Cushing chorus (with the assistance of the PTO’s from those schools); a new piano bench and CD player for Wampatuck; a mini disk recorder and microphone for the High School chorus; and music stands, an instrument repair kit and tuner/metronome for the Gates bands.
We need your participation at any level! We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the SHS chorus room unless otherwise specifed. It is always good to call ahead to check, because we do occasionally move the day or time or room.  Our meetings are short and informative. If your child studies music in the elementary schools or participates in band or chorus at any of the schools in town, you are already a member of SFM. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and to be involved with your child as they grow older.
Please join us!

To find out when our next meeting will be – or for more information, please visit our web site:

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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
Scituate Public Schools - Student Support Services

Mission Statement
The purpose of our Parent Advisory Council is to support all families. We recognize that families, teachers, and administrators are committed to meet each child’s individual needs together as a team. We will look at district wide issues in a unified fashion joining general and special education.

We recognize that there are many learning profiles in each classroom. We support all children having equal access to innovative educational strategies in a community environment where all children are encouraged to reach their potential.

All students need support. We believe in building a unified system and network for families, educators, and community. We will provide opportunities to share information and discuss matters of interest regarding our children.

We will promote communication and programs to encourage understanding, respect, acceptance and inclusion of all students.
We will stay current on public policy issues on the local, state, and national levels that impact education and inform our community of these issues.

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