Statement of Purpose

Scituate High School strives to provide an environment conducive to the fullest possible development of each student. Our programs endeavor to meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles and a wide range of abilities and goals. The ongoing renewal of those programs is sustained by the belief that enabling students in the present is helping them build lives as contributing adults. Our graduation requirements encourage students to participate in a program where they are exposed to a variety of courses, activities, and instructional approaches.

Student Expectations

In accordance with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, the members of the faculty of Scituate High School offer to every student the opportunity:

  • To be an effective reader
  • To be an effective writer
  • To be an effective speaker/presenter/performer
  • To be an effective problem solver
  • To be an effective information seeker/organizer
  • To contribute to the community at large

School Improvement Plan

2013-2014 SHS School Improvement Plan

2012-2013 SHS School Improvement Plan - PDF

2011-2012 SHS School Improvement Plan - PDF

2010-2011 SHS School Improvement Plan - PDF


Scituate High School Core Values – S.A.I.L.

As members of the Scituate High School community we all desire:

  • An inclusive and safe environment that encourages self-determination;
  • Engagement through student-centered and collaborative learning;
  • An education that challenges the whole student;
  • To be lifelong learners who think critically and creatively to solve problems; and
  • To be socially aware, productive members of society.

As the Scituate High School community reflects on these core values, four defining categories emerge:

“S.A.I.L”:  Serve, Achieve, Invest, & Learn. 

S - Serve

•             Service has lasting benefits for ourselves and others

•             Service to ourselves promotes happiness and balance

•             Service to others fosters empathy and acceptance

•             Service to our broader communities helps improve our world

A - Achieve

•             Achievement looks different for everyone

•             Achievements takes time and requires both successes and failures

•             Achievement happens with the support of others

I - Invest

•             Investing in your emotional and physical well-being promotes personal balance

•             Investing in relationships creates a support system

•             Investing in your community promotes a sense of belonging

L- Learn

•             Everyone can learn.

•             Learning takes place through consistent and honest self-reflection

•             Learning helps us make sense of our place in the world

•             Learning helps us to recognize our commonalities and embrace our differences

S.A.I.L. represents a growth mindset for all students and educators in the Scituate High School community. These shared values and beliefs are used to guide our school community in academics, extra-curricular activities, service opportunities, and our behavior and interactions with one another.  Scituate High School invites all those individuals that make up the Scituate High School community to challenge themselves to keep finding ways to S.A.I.L.

Do you know a SHS student, faculty, or staff member who embodies S.A.I.L.? Nominate them for a S.A.I.L. award here:

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